ChatBot and Visual FMCG Recognition
One Stop Service Sales Reporting Assistance

We provide all the elements needed to create chatbot in one integrated platform and omplete solution for companies who want to take advantage of chatbot technology. Chatbot system allows you to design, train, and manage chatbot without a hitch. Our dedicated team will help you realize chatbot that suits your company's needs.

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CHATBOT Sales reporting is a smart service, capable of serving reporting activities, soliciting sales-related information, and requesting reports as it is to be clashed with related staff.

Sales Reporting can also receive related shares on the ran, the number of objects, as well as the percentage of relative sharing shelves against its competitors.

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CHATBOT allows users to display total sales.

CHATBOT capable of providing users with interactive choice per category.

Casual Languages

CHATBOT is able to understand the user's request, to inquire about total sales with casual Languages daily.
Users can speak as well as to their marketing staff.

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Report from Sales

CHATBOT was able to receive reports from field officers. Being able to learn about the look or the shelf. In addition he is also able to calculate the number and compare (%) with his competitors to know the share relative to competitors and able to provide reports, in the picture beside is the sales report.

Reports are granted to users who have rights / authorizations to view certain reports. CHATBOT also provides graphics or documents to its users.

Graphic Report

BOSNET CHATBOT is able to understand the user’s request or inquires about any BOSNET related reports or activities with casual languages.

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