Our Success Story

"BOSNET's initial use was driven by the need to digitally process data using CRM and followed by the use of the BOSNET distribution system for retail. Eventually, BOSNET changed the manual business processes to digital business processes. Business growth rapidly soars to 50% ever since the Bosnet system has been implemented. This significant growth can be achieved due to solid and systematic data processing and management."

"The most interesting and most useful feature for my business process is BOSNET Route Management Feature. With this feature, we can easily monitor the activity of the sales personnel such as tracking their visits in any given time thus reducing any potential fraudulent behavior. "

"With SDiS-BOSNET, all SI’s sales personnel utilizing smartphone equipped with visiting route, product pricing, and promotional program information, those personnel will easily follow the most effective route and enable them to perform best negotiation with outlets/stores to achieve optimum sales"

"By using this Planogram, the company can control and ensure the stock of goods is displayed and does not accumulate in the warehouse. This strategy can reduce the rate of return losses by up to 50%, also minimize fraud from field merchandisers"

"BOSNET is very helpful for principals and distributors to run neat and targeted sales campaigns. Starting from setting discounts, monthly promotions, sales targets, to minimizing differences in distributor savings. So that all sales are distributed evenly in every modern and traditional shop"

Our Clients

More than 250 brands, multinational & national, trust
their distribution system with BOSNET

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