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Data Synchronization

Data integrity for all of your depots

Even though connection cost has become cheaper and cheaper nowadays, there are still many depots where getting online connection are not visible. Usually the solution is to export-import the data, however it has several drawbacks : it must be manually monitored and can not guarantee the data integrity. Not with Data Synchronization solution of BES, it eliminates those drawbacks since its solution concept is to make the system running full online, only the data update is delayed.


Alphard System

A hybrid of web and windows system

Alphard System of BES is a hybrid system between web application and Windows application, such as Microsoft Excel. Thus, upgrade can be done centrally, but unlike a web application, Alphard System applications are very interactive such as using Microsoft Excel in order to handle quick paced depot operational. Additionally, the applications will still be running in case the connection between HQ and depot is down.

BOSNET Middleware

Manage all integrations in one place

Nowadays, in the internet era, integration with 3rd party applications is a must. There are several systems that commonly integrates with BOSNET Distribution, such as back-end supply chain, WMS Distribution Center, automatic PO ordering from modern market, back-end ERP and half-day taking order of BOSNET Mobile Distribution. So, BOSNET Middleware is designed to integrate BOSNET Distribution with your existing systems in the most efficient effort possible. It provides API based integration so that data reliability is always protected. It also provides a single place to manage all the integrations. For example, monitoring is done in a single display. So simple to manage.



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