Digitalization Management System (DMS) in The Era of Technology 4.0

October 14, 2020

Salesman using the tablet and writing the order stock on Supermarket blur background, business technology concept

Currently, the world has entered the era of industrial revolution 4.0, one of which is Indonesia, and technology 4.0 has dramatically impacted the economy and society. Indonesia has committed and is ready to implement industry 4.0 to build a manufacturing industry that is globally competitive. Various technologies that marked the start of the 4.0 industrial revolution, have begun to be applied in various lines, one of which is digitizing the distribution industry.

In the distribution area, application solutions are now considered the most effective tool to support companies to simplify all processes from production, distribution and business, to increase competitiveness in today’s highly competitive market. Without good distribution management, of course, the marketing and sales process will be hampered.

What is a Distribution Management System (DMS)?

DMS is an application system that manages almost the entirety of all distribution activities, from purchasing sales orders to issuing invoices. All activities related to order processing, such as updating stock inventory, creating delivery orders, to creating invoices.

If a company has not used the system, documents that are processed are done manually, it is different using the DMS application. DMS is integrated with all distribution activities with each other, so that the distribution management process will be more effective and efficient.

DMS is used by the main divisions in FMCG companies or distributors, such as used by salesmen, supervisor salesmen, canvassing, depots, merchandising, to the headquarter. One of the most important things about the benefits of the DMS application is to minimize the occurrence of errors, which occur due to human errors.

With the company using the BOSNET system, it will really help supervisors, managers, and directors to evaluate every performance made by employees and salesmen in the field.

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