One‐Click Distribution System
to Achieve Simplest Operation

October 13, 2020


In a distribution company, there are so many things to watch to ensure our operations running as expected. For this purpose, many distribution companies establish administration processes and procedures. Unfortunately in most cases, they may slow down the operation, take a lot of effort, and absorb a lot of resources. Thus, having so many administration processes and procedures is a big problem if it slows down operation, consequently slowing down company growth.   

BOSNET Distribution can help distribution companies in achieving operation speed. Its system and business process are designed with these 3 principles in mind:

  1. Speed. Ensuring maximum process automation
  2. Minimalist. Eliminating unneeded features, only focusing on the core features that really give maximum business value.
  3. Simple but effective. Ensuring the simplest operation but effectively giving benefit for business.

Below is a simplified process of daily operation in a depot in BOSNET Distribution. Numerous processes have been optimized and automated for achieving speed. And, admin does not need to enter any data since every data will be automatically provided by the system after just one‐click.

Distribution Process One-Click
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