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How do you know whether your brands are displayed correctly according to the planogram ?

How to reduce time consuming for analyze a lot of pictures of planogram ?

How to get reliable result of planogram analyzed from multiple customers, locations and lot of pictures ?

We provide planogram analysis through various interfaces with Real Time Analysis to optimize efficiency and sales. Our planogram analysis is real time and powered by deep learning – computer vision technology to recognize your products and compare it against your competitor.


Planogram analysis
through photo

Image Recognition

Embed Unique Brand Identifier


High Accuracy recognition

Real Time

  • Easy to get aggregated data
  • Proper Business on market
  • Build data intelligent from huge data source
  • Market Insight
  • Brand

  • Using our BOSNET Artificial Intelligence Planogram, we can detect existence of your brands on the shelf within seconds.
  • We use image localization algorithm to locate and count your brands in the image
  • We groups the brands together into the category specified in the database, and analyze the given planogram.
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