Reports and Dashboard

The BOSNET dashboard provides a centralized interface for tracking and analyzing real-time data in a distribution system. Customizable to meet specific needs, it offers a clear overview of performance, trends, and opportunities, enabling efficient decision making. The dashboard is a valuable tool for streamlining operations and making data-driven decisions.

Clarity Reports

It is 3000+ ready-to-use reports to make a distribution organization TRANSPARENT so it could empower people to TAKE ACTION in the fastest way possible.


  •  Logistic Service Level
  • Days of Inventory 
  • Sales Service Level 
  • Stock


  • Aging 
  • Collect


  • Sales 
  • Achievement


  • Repeat Order & Overage Sales
  • Effective Calls 

  • Number of Calls 
  • Reason 
  • Availability 
  • Activity 
  • Competitor Activity
  • Active Customer 

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