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What is BOSNET Distribution

BOSNET Distribution is a Distribution Management System

Emerging markets are large and complex with thousands of distributors, millions of outlets, and billions of potential transactions. How can your company take control? How can you manage your people and promotions while still cutting costs? And, most important of all, how can we make it easy? that is specifically designed to handle end-to-end execution of fast moving consumer goods distribution companies which main operation is based on taking order and/or canvassing. BOSNET is scalable to handle small medium distribution business up to large enterprise with ten thousands of field operation officers, millions of outlets, and billions of sales and distribution transactions a day.

Work Across Industries Category



Personal Care




and Others

Organizational Landscape

Principal/ Headquarters


Field Operation

Key Distribution Operation

Route Management

Taking Order



Order to Cash

Operation Control

Field Operation

Advanced Pricing

3000+ Reports

What Our Customers Are Saying

“BOSNET’s initial use was driven by the need to digitally process data using CRM and followed by the use of the BOSNET distribution system for retail. Eventually, BOSNET changed the manual business processes to digital business processes. Business growth rapidly soars to 50% ever since the Bosnet system has been implemented. This significant growth can be achieved due to solid and systematic data processing and management.”.


PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti (Vinilon)

IT Manager


“The most interesting and most useful feature for my business process is BOSNET Route Management Feature. With this feature, we can easily monitor the activity of the sales personnel such as tracking their visits in any given time thus reducing any potential fraudulent behavior. “.

Ms. Lita

PT. Tata Global Sentosa (Tasen)



“With SDiS-BOSNET, all SI’s sales personnel utilizing smartphone equipped with visiting route, product pricing, and promotional program information, those personnel will easily follow the most effective route and enable them to perform best negotiation with outlets/stores to achieve optimum sales”.

Andy Wibowo

PT Softex Indonesia

Head of Business Control & Compliance


“By using this Planogram, the company can control and ensure the stock of goods is displayed and does not accumulate in the warehouse. This strategy can reduce the rate of return losses by up to 50%, also minimize fraud from field merchandisers”.


Dinus Cipta Mandiri

IT Support Manager


“BOSNET is very helpful for principals and distributors to run neat and targeted sales campaigns. Starting from setting discounts, monthly promotions, sales targets, to minimizing differences in distributor savings. So that all sales are distributed evenly in every modern and traditional shop”.

Dedy Dwi Putra

PT. Borden Eagle Indonesia (Cap lang).

Information System Manager


Beyond Application

We offer a framework of services to drive the organization transformation. Our consultants will work with you within the framework to achieve control in speed, then, to increase and expand your distribution business.

Why BOSNET Distribution

BND would transform a distribution company into an effective and efficient organization in doing:

Complete Solution

End to end Integrated
Distribution Application.
BOSNET offers user that can use
the module based on business

Secure User Access

Create and define your own
user access, security and menu
for each user based on business

Powerful & Secure Database

With using Microsoft SQL, there is no need to be concord about data volume, performance & security. Whether the infrastructure was on premise or on Cloud. No need to be concerned

Guided Application

Easy and Guided application to Improve sales. More efficient and productive by doing task offline and upload the task online.

Route Plan

Route Management for schedule of free visit (Out of Schedule) based on route. It also complete with Route Feedback


BOSNET durability has been tested

in each client with more 4,000 users

can be managed in a company

Easy to Access

All module was accessible from a single

interface. From Procure to pay until Financial Report can be running in desktop client’s minimum specification

Ready for Custom

As an enterprise design make BOSNET can be customize for business process changes in a long term. Our dedicated developer team is ready

Integrated with Other System

With middleware make BOSNET is very possible to customable for Integrated with other system by using export-import, Web Services or API

After Live Support

Our 2nd Level Support is always ready to solved of every operational issues related to BOSNET. And BOSNET also can provide 1st Level Support for guide user business operational

Gathering Market Information

Customize your activity for gathering intriguing concern at the market. Photo activity, survey and monitor competitor activity based on your needed

Ready to Use Report

With more than 3,000 template of clarity reports will help users to doing their analysis for improve their distribution process

System Overview

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